1. Kids

From the recording I KNOW I DON'T KNOW

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I wish I was as tough as nails
The kind you call when all else fails
An HBO hero with a golden gun
But I am just a gentle soul
A bystander out for a stroll
And I don’t want to hurt (no I don’t wanna hurt) anyone
It’s a hard time for poets
They all become stoics
Who know best not to question why
It’s a black hole for moonbeams
A sad space for sweet dreams
It’s no place for kids like you and I

I wish I had a lions roar
No subtlety, no metaphor
Just cold steel and wild fire inside
But I am just a friendly nerd
Traveling with my peaceful herd
Naive as the Nile River is wide
It’s a slow beat for dancers
Searching for answers
Winding like the flight of a butterfly
It’s a bull run for fighters
And frightful inciters
But it’s no place for kids like you and I

There’s nowhere to run to, run to
Nowhere to cover and hide
Exits are blocked up, locked up
Lord knows how hard I’ve tried

And I am turning mean and mad
A rocket on a launching pad
Aimed at anyone who’s standing in my path
But I don’t want to lose my youth
Sacrifice my joy and truth
And wake up in the brutal aftermath
It’s a hellscape for angels
Walking on eggshells
The stars are reminders in the sky
The whole world’s gone crazy
I hope love will save me
It’s no place for kids like you & I
It's no place for kids like you & I

words & music by Jerry Holland c. HeebaLibra Music, BMI